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Kyoto Virtual Tours

How many fantastic sights in Kyoto, Japan are waiting to be discovered. Thankfully, staying home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on Kyoto’s finest landscapes and cultural highlights entirely. We offer creative ways explore some of the best experiences online, to pass theto time until you can visit Kyoto in person. There’s something different about experiencing a destination in an interactive way that goes beyond television or YouTube videos. Here we have a few amazing Kyoto culture you can get to know with virtual tours and events.

Original virtual tours and cultural experiences are available for virtual conferences, group birthday or anniversary celebrations, business incentives and more.

At the request of the booking party, Luxury Tours Japan can also arrange to mail related gifts, like sake samples or artisanal crafts, to the participants. Pricing varies based on each experience and number of participants; please inquire with Luxury Tours Japan for booking.

The following tours are available for individuals to book.

tour no. F002

【Finished】Free! Live Geisha district guided tour and Geisha performance video streaming, 8 am March 19

Maiko and geiko are iconic for Kyoto and cherry blossoms is iconic for Japan. Yes, Kyoto is the heart of Japan’s geisha culture and cherry blossoms.

Today, we have video streaming of geiko and maiko talking session at a geisha house built around 1750. You’ll hear from the geiko and maiko about her daily life and job. Following the pre-recorded talking session, you will see a dance performance.

Afterwards, we will live stream and guide you around one of the geisha district. Q&A session will be also available with the guide through the Zoom chat. You might have a chance to see cherry blossom buds nearly opening.

*We call them Geiko and Maiko, apprentice Geiko , in Kyoto. We don’t call them Geisha in Kyoto.

Price : Free
Date & Time : at 8:00am on March 19, 2021 Japan time
Duration : 40 minutes
Capacity :

about 50 participants

Included :

Live streaming of guided tour around the Geisha district.
Pre-recorded video streaming of maiko & geiko talking session
Pre-recorded video streaming of geiko dancing.

Minimum Participants :

10 participants
After this tour confirmed over 10 participants, we will send you Zoom ID for this online cultural event.
Under 10, we will cancel this tour.

Reservation :

Booking deadline: at 5pm on March 16, 2021 Japan time

The starting time of the tour is shown in Japan time.
Please check the time zone where you will participate.
Japan; 8:00am,on March 19, 2021

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Payment :


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